Yusuke Yamaoka, MD

Research Associate

Completed MD at Gifu University where Yusuke dedicated his time researching neurophysiology. 


Yusuke is working on exploring effect of boosting dead cell removal on tissue homeostasis and disease pathologies.

Yohei Arai, MD PhD

Research Associate

Completed MD and PhD at Tokyo Medical and Dental University where Yohei extensively studied renal immunology and chloride sensing pathways.


Yohei is studying how phagocytes handle massive amount of nutrients and solutes coming from dead cells.

Summer Kirkpatrick

Undergraduate student at UVA

Worked as a research assistant at INOVA Fairfax Hospital with INOVA Cardiology. Performed data analysis concerning treadmill stress tests and explored possible connections between heart health and stress. 


Summer is working on elucidating how dead cell removal is regulated during kidney injury.