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Daiki Kajioka (KJ), PhD

Research Associate


Completed PhD  and worked as Assist. Prof. at Wakayama Medical University where KJ extensively studied sex differentiation and developmental biology (Kajioka et al., PNAS 2021).


KJ is studying how phagocytes coordinate organ morphogenesis during development.

Shun Fujinuma, MD, prospective PhD

Research Associate


Shun has extensively studied liver metabolism and cancer  (Fujinuma et al., Cell Reports 2023). The project will focus on the role of efferocytosis in cancer and metabolism

Natsuki Watanabe, PhD

Research Associate


Joining this Winter!

Breanna Donahue

Undergraduate student at UVA



Summer Kirkpatrick

Past Undergraduate student at UVA


Yohei Arai, MD PhD

Research Associate

Satoshi Itoh, MS

Visiting scholar from University of Tokyo.


Yusuke Yamaoka, MD

Research Associate

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